Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easy Napa Cabbage Pickles :: Hakusai Tsukemono

Prep Method
Napa Cabbage


Often the best produce come with some hitchhikers so if using a garden napa you’ll want to take the time to wash and lightly brine as follows.  Trim the outer leaves, cut the napa into quarters lengthwise and soak with 2 T salt & 1 Cup white vinegar in plenty of water to cover overnight.  Rinse, wash well and cut into thin strips and soak in fresh clean water.  Use a spider to transfer the napa to a colander.  When the soaking water is free of critters drain well. 

Weigh the cut napa.  Use this pickling recipe for each pound of napa.  

Rice or Cider Vingegar

Sea salt


Bring the above to a boil and pour over the napa in a wide glass bowl.  Weigh down w/ a plate and put a weight on top, such as a large can, or a tea kettle filled w/ water.  After 30 mins stir well.  It will already have produced a lot of liquid.  Stir in


Weight the mixture for another hour or so, then pack into jars.  The brine that results from this pickle is neither too salty or sweet and thus can be used for dressings, sauces & other cooking functions.  This piquant pickle is good w/ all Asian fare.  It’s loosely based on Japanese tsukemono and macrobiotic flash pickling techniques.  It keeps in the fridge for up to one month.  Use it as you would kraut, kim chee & relish.  

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