Saturday, April 4, 2015

Salt Roasted Organic Carrots :: A Free Style Avanti Recipe ::

These beauties are ready to roast
This open ended recipe needs no precise measurements.  Just the best quality organic heirloom carrots and a few seasonings.  Preheat the oven to 550.

Wash and rub w/ a towel a pound or two of organic heirloom carrots, fresh from the farmers market if possible.  Lay them on a parchment lined baking sheet and top a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil then a sprinkle of a coarse sea or mountain salt.  We use our Avanti pink blend of Himalayan, Bolivian & Hawaiian pink salts.  Add a splash of sake to give a bit of flavorful steam to the roast.  Put the carrots into the hot oven and turn the oven down to 350.  Roast for one hour.

Note that you can use flavored avocado oil, garlic oil, chili oil or toasted sesame oil, depending on your desired flavor results.  Same w/ the booze.  Consider Port, Madeira, Sherrys of any ilk, or even bourbon or scotch.  Just make sure to turn the oven down pronto if using the hard liquor.  No one needs to flambĂ© in an oven. 

Once cool, slice and top with a couple tablespoons of champagne, sherry or balsamic vinegar.
Et Voila >> All Done
Now the fun begins.  Let's create food!

Moroccan carrots w/ organic apple, walnuts, cinnamon, anise & mustard seed & Spanish sherry [Passover] 
Pasta w/ mixed olives, romesco, salsa verde, basil blossoms & salt roasted carrots
Cha soba & quinoa pesto w/ salt carrots & poached organic egg
Korean pumpkin pasta w/ HOT spiced apples, salt roasted carrots & walnuts + edible petals
Noodle soup w/ braised baby eggplants, organic cherry tomatoes & salt roasted carrots 
Sumptuous tostada sliders [Mi Rancho Organic Mini Corn Tortillas] w/ Chinese chive shiitake baked eggs
& salt roasted carrots

Eating Healthy & Delicious is a Win Win Win Situation!

Eat, Live & Party Well
Blog post by Chef Mark Cleveland

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