Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Basil Bonanza Brings Bees

Rooting African Purple Basil Cuttings in Water!

Here’s a detailed step-by-step companion in photos to expand upon our Basil Blog on the Ron & Lisa site.

Make sure to choose fresh cuttings w/ plump green stems.  I like ones w/ multiple branches so the cuttings hold well in the glass jars & start out as nice bushy plants in the garden. 


Follow the rooting instructions in our Basil Blog on the Ron & Lisa site. Ron&LisaBasilBlog 

Place the jars in a well-lit area.  It won’t take long for the roots to appear.  They are thirsty, so watch the water level and add more as need to keep the jars full of fresh clean water.


These cuttings were started on August 4 and were planted on August 12, just 8 days.  Notice the white, firm, plump healthy roots.  You can let them go a little longer in the water if you’d like, but this is plenty to get them started for soil.  The roots are pretty sturdy, but take care when putting them into the soil to fan them out.  A few will fall off, fear not. 


It won’t be long before you African Purple/Blue Basil plant takes off and looks like this.  Bring on the bees & the culinary creations.  Remember basil is for more than Italian and Mediterranean food.  This fragrant spicy basil goes will in Thai, Vietnamese & South American dishes as well. 

Here’s another link to an article touting the joys of the African Blue Basil

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