Sunday, December 9, 2012

Avanti Natural Store Debuts Online

For those of y'all who have been Avanti Cafe fans for the 8 years we've been located here on 17th St in Costa Mesa, you know that we used to be more of a cafe, deli, retail food shop.  Two years ago we remodeled into a full service bistro style restaurant and have enjoyed every minute of it.  We love our contemporary dining room and our main focus on plated lunches, brunches and dinners.  But, the past flows with us, and we do a brisk to-go business, even more than in the old Avanti deli days.  And then there are the cookies, salts and spices.  We sell all in South OC at South Coast Farms and regularly ship around the country.  NOW, we've made all of that much easier and plan to expand that side of our business w/ gusto.  Thanks to Koeemedia, we now have a full service online store for you to explore. Visit the new and swanky peruse our seed, spice & salt blends, feast upon our cookies & brownies, beautifully photographed for your pleasure by Anne Watson

Even more delicious to savor than they look in the photos.  As you'll see on the Avanti Natural Store site, we continue our Avanti dedication to the most wholesome ingredients & recipes that provide healthful results.  We use all organic grains, flours and sweeteners.  There is organic whole grain in every product.  We keep the sugar content lower than popular these days [the old fashioned way], and we continue to educate ourselves on the latest science marrying traditional health food wisdom w/ scientific micro nutrition. 

Starting w/ the rather famous Kick A$% Seeds which we've been making for over 15 years, our spice and salt blends have gathered a loyal following over the years.  We're gratified that our culinary endeavors in nutritional & flavor alchemy are being validated by the latest in cutting edge optimum health medicine by such notables as Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

If you're local, you can order online and pick up at Avanti Cafe, no delivery charge necessary.  If you're shipping to friends and loved ones all over the country to all 50 states, you pay no sales tax for your package shipped outside of CA.  Naturally, you package is shipped in the most eco friendly way & is a joy to unwrap.  We may be green, but we never lack in style and substance!

Here they are getting packed and ready to ship to your lucky recipient. 
And here's what they will see when their box arrives at their door.  This one contains 2 dozen amazing cookies and a set of 6 spice & salt packets.  All made w/ flavor, creativity, joy & love & sent w/ our hearty Avanti enthusiasm for the win win situation that comes w/ our singular focus to make everything we serve \\\ Healthy & Delicious ///

Eating Healthy & Delicious is a Win Win Win Situation!

Eat Live & Party Well 

As we say, eat w/ us several times a week and it’s likely you’ll become healthier than you already are!  And your taste buds will love every minute of it too. How many restaurants can legitimately make that claim !?!

Blog Post by Chef Mark Cleveland
Chef / Owner Avanti Cafe

Avanti Café  is a vegetarian & vegan friendly restaurant with many gluten free options [including our famous gluten free pizzas] in East Side Costa Mesa California [bordering Newport Beach].  Everything is custom made in house using the freshest ingredients.  We support local organic farms such as South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano using their fine produce in our dishes and hosting a Community Supported Agriculture site every Thursday.  We serve highest quality artisan beers in bottle and on tap, organic, biodynamic & sustainable wines, by the bottle and glass.  All of our desserts are made in house using organic whole grains, flours and sweeteners.  Always organic eggs & milk.  We make our own organic ricotta & feta cheeses in house and smoke organic mozzarella w/ bourbon soaked oak and chamomile.  Avanti is the longstanding leader in organic, sustainable, local, flavorful cuisine in Orange County.

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