Friday, January 21, 2011

The Concept @Avanti

The Concept @ Avanti

Here it comes. We’ve been hinting & planning & measuring a lot since late 2010 for The Concept. Want to hear it? Here it comes!

In preparation for our Avanti 6th B-day we are growing up and maturing into a real restaurant experience. In place of grab and go we’re going to put in a beautiful wooden bar w/ artisan beer on tap, much more sophisticated seating, elegant ambiance worthy of our sophisticated artistic handmade food.

We’re measuring out the bar layout now, planning a new menu to showcase our commitment to locally grown, organic, seasonal – Healthy & Delicious California International Cuisine.

We want all of our devoted Avanti fans & regulars to be part of the process as we grow into the new Avanti. You’ll find us blogging and posting our Concept musings on facebook & twitter. Make sure to weigh in w/ your thoughts and ideas for the menu, the space, The BEERS & more.

Next week, color samples are going to sprout on the walls so we can pick a culinary hue for the perfect dining mood. We’re toying w/ curry, paprika, butternut squash, mustard, saffron & more. *** There’s already some Jersey Shore drama w/ the designers that we can’t wait to explore. (I’m glad my hair is the shortest & hardest to grab & pull on) ***

Stay tuned for much more & do please share your thoughts w/ us. We want even the experience of change to be organic!