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Easy & Fresh Jicama Pico de Gallo :: Chef Mark Cleveland @ Ready.Chef.GO! ::

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Easy Fresh Jicama Pico de Gallo

Yield Approx 2 Quarts

1 Large Tangerine, juice
2 Organic Lemons, juice & zest
1 Organic Lime, juice & zest
1 Large Organic Orange, juice & zest
1 Clove Garlic (I used Pickled Garlic)
1 Tbs Fresh or Pickled Ginger
2 Tbs White Miso
1 1/2 Tsp Sea Salt (I used HOT Carolina Reaper Sea Salt Blend)
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1 Tomato (about 12 oz), diced
3 Scallion, thin slice
1 Anaheim Chili, diced
1 Medium Shallot, thinnest slice
1 Small Cucumber (about 8 oz) peeled, seeded & grated
1 Small Jicama (about 14 oz) peeled, seeded & grated
1 Medium Asian Pear (about 12 oz) peeled, seeded & grated
2 Cups Mixed Seasonal Vegetables, thinly sliced, chiffonade or diced (I used chard, golden beet & red kale stems & radicchio)
(Opt) 1 Golden Beet, boiled, peeled, diced
(Opt) 1 1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro leaves, rough chop

Blend the dressing in a blender, Robot Coupe or food processor & pour over all the Pico de Gallo fruits & vegetables and stir well. 

NOTE:  This BONUS recipe makes for a great presentation & garnish for this month’s recipes including Sausage Scramble Stack and Salmon Tender BBQ.  Great for sampling events & for sale w/ any Ready.Chef.GO! bagged product it would compliment.  Sell with prepared sauces, condiments, salsas & other pico de gallo for big point of sale impact. 


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Blog post by Chef Mark Cleveland

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